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 GameMode [COD6] Call Of Duty 6 Golden Warfare - Best TDM (EASTER GIFT)

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MesajSubiect: GameMode [COD6] Call Of Duty 6 Golden Warfare - Best TDM (EASTER GIFT)   Dum Mai 22, 2016 8:43 pm

Nu detin credite pentru acest scripting/job/gamemode/server !!        Eu doar le pun pentru Playeri Noi !!!
Originally Posted by Excel™ 
The development of this gamemode was stopped from v3. 
- This was coded quiet early with some useless implimentations.
- Some bugs still alive

If you want to still ask or spam my P.M. Log, I won't reply. But, there will be a new COD Gamemode on this forums lately(by Gammix and few stuff by me).

You can edit this, do whatever but keep credits. Ask before doing anything(mainly re-releasing).

Working on COD7 finished, Check out the link:

Quick update: /Changename added to the script on request of gogokickup



  • Fixed the base kill (Anti-Base-Rape).
  • Fixed the team player counts. No negatives now.
  • Fixed online operators list.
  • Still found more bugs, Report through a reply.


  • Fixed the kills and deaths bug.
  • Added a new sprite in textdraws. (A new wallpaper)
  • Fixed the sscanf bugs.
  • Admin imune system upgraded.


  • New dynamic and advance Admin system created by Me (Not any admin system edit)
  • Capture zone system
  • Total of 10 zones for capture and 5 bases
  • New mercenary system
  • Anti-Team kill & Hit indicator
  • Sounds added from the COD Waw.
  • Dialog team and class selection
  • Class selection and base selection
  • /Sc = Switch Class | /St = Switch Team | /SS = Switch Spawn
  • Dynamic map icons for capture zones
  • Admin system fully made by me
  • Airstrike system
  • Nuke & Anthrax system
  • Anti-base kills for hydras and hunters and Tanks
  • Textdraws made very intractive
  • No skills system /Skill = X
  • Killing spree system
  • Dynamic maps (Credits to COD Waw)
  • Animation system
  • Warlord weapons system (/Myweaps) - For prestige
  • Deathmatch stadium And base briefcase system
  • African class new mods
  • Laserlight system with colors
  • Admin - Event creator menu (/Emenu)
  • Admin Special commands related to the server.
  • Anti-Spawn kill system'
  • Private message system and DND
  • Admin can read PMs
  • The server is ready to host.... Enjoy
  • Auto base - rape and spawn kill system
  • Weapon shop at base
  • Music player added for /Mp3
  • Kills detector tells your spree and earns
  • Spree system with for rewards and bonuses
  • Server Setting:
    #define SKIN_ID 150
    #define START_MONEY 1000
    #define INI_Exists(%0) fexist(%0)
    #define MAX_PING 500
    #define PING_KICK 2000
    #define MAX_CARS 100
    #pragma tabsize 0
    #define OPERATOR -1

    //Second settings
    #define UserPath "COD6/Users/%s.ini"
    #define SavePath "COD6/Admins/Position-Saver/%s.ini"
    #define Player_File "COD6/Admins/Users/%s.ini"
    #define ServerName "Golden Warfare"
    #define SERVER_OWNER "Excel"
    #define SERVER_WEBSITE ""




  • Insulin - For sounds
  • Lolumadd - For the capture zone help
  • Y_Less - Includes
  • Zeex - ZCMD is awesome
  • SAMP team for Samp
  • Hero_Dx, OfficerSammy, Sachin - For testing
  • Excel - For making the whole script from Scratch



This is full cod6 folder with all the: Includes, Plugins, Gamemode, Source, Server.cfg. 
Just run the server and if hosting then contact me.. (Via PM)

[size=20]Nu doresc +1 pentru aceasta postare deoarece nu imi apartin creditle [/size][/size]
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GameMode [COD6] Call Of Duty 6 Golden Warfare - Best TDM (EASTER GIFT)
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